February 28, 2016

Some change !

Hi there !
It's been a long time...
I've got news for the few people who susbribe to this page and those who come on this page everyday (there's a lot of you, and I don't have any idea where you come from lol)
I'm starting a professional activity out of all it's blender/artwork stuffs.
So you can subscribe to my new professional accounts where there's a nice smuggy pic of me :-) !

I'll try to post a lot more of my works and try to get a lot better lol.
Thanks for following !

June 19, 2014

[TEST RENDER] Zombie Monkey made with Blender

Hi every one!

Here's a glimpse of my current video project. For the moment, I just finished this character, but I wanted to share with you the result of my over night render (with only 200 samples)

I rendered it with cycles (with some motion blur). This render engine is magic! :-)

March 02, 2014

Headphones video

Hi every one!

I made an image of headphones that I tried to render realistic. And now I try to get the same result in a video. So I tried to make it look like a realistic camera filming.

I rendered it with cycles (with some motion blur). This render engine is magic! :D

February 27, 2014


Hi every one !

Here's just an image I've done today.
That's not a project nor a part of a project. That was just for the fun of using blender a few hours :-)

I tried to make a simple model looks realistic with a good light.

The rendering took 2h13 with 1000 samples. Cycles are magic! :D

I think I'm going to make a little animation of it.

Thanks for Watching!

February 15, 2014

TV Show parody opening - En quéquette exclusive / Enquête exclusive

Hi every one!

I made a 30' movie for a friend's birthday. I made all the montage with Blender and also this opening.
I can't show the rest of the movie because it's too personal and it was made to be viewed only by our closest friends :-) , but i can show you this. The whole movie was a parody of the french tv show "Enquête exclusive" So I made this fake opening.

I made this with Blender and rendered it with cycles.

Thanks for watching!!

December 28, 2013

Review of a 3D Printing with Sculpteo.com


I ordered my first 3D-printed object! The result is great at the first sight!
I just have some little problems with the colors (blue of the wheels and pink of the shoes).

The object is 12cm tall and it cost me 66€.

I ordered it on Sculpteo.com. This website is awesome! You can upload your model in obj or 3ds (easier to get the colors) and then you can configure it.

It's very fast and intuitive. You can easily make a solidity check depending on the size you chose.

Here's the link to the 3D view of my object.

And here's an embed of the object :

That's what it look like in Blender :

And here's some photo 3D view / reality :

Thanks for watching. Now Go 3D-print your blend works! :-)

September 19, 2013

Isometric objects made with Blender

Hi every one!

It's been a long time :-)

This is a tool, I'm working on for work. I made all the objects with Blender. Here's a glympse of the render in the web browser.

I developed the tool with Flash AS2.

With Blender, the work was pretty simple, I just had to place my model into a scene where the camera is orthographic mode.

Then, I prepare a animation with 4 keyframes. I make the camera and the lights turn around my objects with a 90° rotation for each frame. After that, I just had to change my objects into my scene. And render my 4 frames animation.

I wanted to seperate the shadows and the object, in order to place objects site to side without having a shadow over an object. So I use the node editor to seperate the shadow layer in a independant render layer, and save 2 files in PNG (with transparency). For the transparency, I use the SetAlpha Node.

After the animation rendering, I've got 8 files : 4 shadows and 4 objects. I just have to overlay the PNG oject with the PNG shadows to get my final result. 

In my Flash program, I load the PNGs and make them draggable (with a z-index gestion).

That's it 

Thanks for watching!!

February 01, 2013

Jabba the Hutt Carbonite collection

Hi every one,

Here's a little Blender work I made for blendercontest.com.
It's my entry to the January Contest – "Movies from the 80′s" :D

So I used 5 movies in 1 image : 
- Star Wars : the Carbonite
- Roger Rabbit
- Alien
- E.T.
- The Gremlins

I used the new sculpt mode with the DynTopo! It make the sculp work very easy.
It's rendered with cycles.

Thanks for watching!

ps: I used the official Star Wars Alphabet on the wall : Aurek-Besh :-)

January 15, 2013

Time goes by... even in video games!

Hi every one! HERE IT IS! finally :D

This is my third completed animation on Blender. This is my little tribute to some of the video games that have made in my childhood.

In order of apparance :
- Another World : Near the pool where the adventure begins
- Little Big Adventure : Twinsen is now old!
- Doom 2 : The first level with the resurrected poor rabbit and the traditionnal chainsaw
- Wipe'Out : An abandonned track
- The lemmings : Ho no, poor lemmings
- Half-Life : The strange place where the G-Man gave you a choice.

All the models, compositing, montage are made in Blender (with Cycles.)

The music is from Tony from AoF! Check out is Facebook page :http://fb.com/tony.aof

Thanks for watching!!

January 02, 2013

Trying to cache the near background of a scene for a faster animation rendering

Hi every one,

I try to find a way to make my rendering faster. So I try to render the part that isn't moving just one time and then reuse it.
The only solution that I found was to make differents layers and to mix them with mask. So I render the background alone at the first frame and I save it as a file.

At the first frame, the background layer is renderable.

At the second frame, the background layer is not renderable because I exclude everything and I set the passes to "1". So the layer only take a second to give me a black image.

In the compositing nodes,

I used a switch to select the background between the file or the real one (the layer).

And then I mix the rest of the layers with the background.

The result is ok, and the rendiring time is nice.

First frame rendered with rendering of the background. Rendering time 2.54

Second frame rendered. Almost the same result but I reused the background of the first frame. Rendering time 1.28. (victory!)

For the example : An other frame rendered.

Now my problem is that I'm not sure that the method is correct. And I don't know how I can get rid of the file creation for the background layer. After the first frame, even if the file is black, it save me a black file for each frame.

And in this case, the masking part is easy. The ground is flat, the scene is simple. But I'm not sure it would be easy to do the same in a room full of object.

But the good point, is that it would be easy to play with the switch, move the camera and then rerender the background. So if the camera move 3 times, I render only 4 frame of the background and no more!

Thanks for your help and thanks for reading!

Timelapse of the configuration of the particles system

Hi, This is just a little timelapse of the configuration of the particles system of the fourth part of my current project. A very simple scene. The point is to get stars passing behind the windows. The final result will be released in less than a week I think.

Thanks for watching! :D

January 01, 2013

Happy new year every one!

Happy new year every one!! Wish Blender make us live an other great year and give life to all your projects! :-)